Fibo Lim has built an 8-figure business through his websites in less than 2 years.

He has refined a system that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs monetize their passion, earn passive income, and live the dot com lifestyle.
His trainings and system has been widely regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to growing an online empire.

Today, Fibo Lim is a recognized as one fo the most requested speakers in his country, the Philippines, in the field of online marketing, business, finance, and personality development.
In his childhood, Fibo Lim’s interest in sales has been there. He has built a mini business despite his very young age, and never missed a chance in every business opportunity that he could find.
However, business life has become difficult and he has to continue to live being a normal child.
As he grew up, even though society has changed his perspective, he never lost his burning passion for business, sales, and marketing. Failure came in his way, but it didn't stop him; instead, it has intensified his desire to succeed in life.

Fibo Lim is one of the youngest achievers in the world of business, sales, and marketing.

He graduated as Cum Laude but ended up pursuing online marketing, and earned his first 100,000 in 2 months of hard work and sacrifices.

His mark for himself has been achieved by being a millionaire at the age of 22 and because of that, he wrote the book “Millionaire at 22,” which made him an international best-selling author. The book contains 8 powerful lessons that helped him achieve success in business despite the failures and the personal challenges he went through.

He conducted seminars and trainings after realizing his real purpose of being an online marketer -- to teach, and instill his knowledge to people that will help them achieve success in business.

Up to now, Fibo Lim still continues to share his knowledge and gives a hand to entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business during these difficult times.
What Is Millionaire At 22?
Millionaire at 22 contains the 8 powerful lessons that helped a young boy achieve success in business and in life despite his young age, doubts, and failures.

After being able to breakthrough his personal challenges, he realized a framework - lessons that are not taught in our traditional education system and are not even taught by our elders. These lessons will be revealed to you inside the book.

Just to be clear, this book is not only about earning your first million. It is not telling you to earn it on or before the age of 22. NO it is not.

This is about how YOU can avoid the failures that the author has been through and how YOU can achieve the same success as he did.
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